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HPS teachers, staff, and coaches!

It's now easier to post your news on the HPS website!

We're committed to "Excellence with Equity" in every area.

Beginning with "day one" of 2015-2016 school year, we will be following these steps in our communications to parents and community.

#1  Each one of us will need to post to the HPS website first and foremost. Not only is this the spot where everyone expects to find the information they need – with accuracy and consistency from school to school, department to department, staff member to staff member, etc. – we will ensure that the basic information we provide is:
* translatable into the language of preference,
* compliant with ADA visual disability standards,

* one click away from our HPS non-discrimination statement,
* fully in keeping with district policy relative to outside advertising,
* and one click away from our HPS school handbooks and guidelines.

PLEASE understand that our prior practice of allowing links to Twitter and Facebook postings, YouTube links, Remind 101, Pinterest, Wix or Weebly sites, personal or departmental blogs on Wordpress.com (or other ad revenue based blogging platforms) DO NOT meet the 5 criteria shown above.

ONLY a reasonable and appropriate posting to the HPS website (first) gets us where we need to be. 
This is why step #1 is so critical. 

STEP #2  But at least it's now easier to get good stuff up on the HPS website.
Here's how.

To submit content (at least a paragraph or two) with your teacher or coach's bio, a key message, your instructional overview, special reminders for success, etc.... simply go to the Easy Reach Dashboard and use the PR Shoutouts feature to send your content in. 


Your content will be posted on the HPS website for you.

No longer do principals, teachers, coaches, and others have to learn how to use HPS website (with its new passwords, processes, updates and so on). By just using the the same Easy Reach software tool used for submitting facility and work order requests, staff can now send in their news and announcements for posting on the HPS website in the same way. 

STEP #3  What should you send in for posting on the HPS website?

Remember, we should ALL strive to get basic information up on the HPS website FIRST.
We should send in basic information for posting on the website using the Easy Reach Dashboard (where it will then go into the appropriate calendars, articles, listings, etc) BEFORE any of us prepare and distribute flyers, school mailings, make posters, and initiate requests for a robo-call.

Here are two examples:

A)  A school principal wants to get her "weekly note" up on the website:  All she would have to do is go the Easy Reach Dashboard and click on the PR Shoutout feature.  Following the PR Shoutout prompts, she'd enter the basic information. In the section that asks for the "noteworthy" info, she could either type in what she wants to say OR just type "see my attached Word or Google.doc below." You are able to add links and attachments. The principal can actually compose her own message in the platform she is more comfortable in and just attach it accordingly. You, too,  will see that it's easy to submit links, photos, docs. and pdfs for web posting via the Easy Reach Dashboard. This makes it a snap to easily get stuff up on the HPS website.

B)  A teacher wants to get his basic teacher's page up on the website:  Just like the principal, all he'd have to do is go the Easy Reach Dashboard and click onto the PR Shoutout feature. Then following the PR Shoutout prompts, he'd enter the basic information needed for a good (reasonably decent) teacher's page. Let's say that the teacher prefers his own instructional blog or class website as the place where he likes to post school information throughout the school year. This is okay, we just need to get a credible and legitimate presence on the HPS website first (where all 5 of our district's key criteria are met). Our goal for 2015-2016 is a web presence for every staff member.

In composing the basic content for a simple teacher's page, the teacher would compose a paragraph or two that would include:
a.  a welcome / greeting for people clicking onto the webpage
b.  a simple personal introduction of some kind (how long you've been teaching, where, etc.)

c.  a sentence or two about the subject, what you teach, why you enjoy teaching it, etc
d.  best way(s) a parent to contact you, and if some times are best, etc.

THAT'S IT (well, sort of)

The teacher (ie. you!) may also provide a preferred school photo, the preferred outside link (where the teacher posts that 97% of his stuff), and any helpful pdfs, etc.

Please keep in mind that if what needs to be communicated is learning expectations, grading criteria, special reminders to students about a trip, or updated or new pdfs, these should be submitted via the Easy Reach Dashboard for web posting. Critical information for parents cannot be buried solely on an outside link or Facebook post.

As much as we'd all like our respective HPS web postings to be a "one and done" kind of thing, the rich diversity of our district and community, along with our desire to include and engage as many people as we can, does not really allow us the option to just "set it and forget it."

We need to meet the high standards set out for us... even on our HPS website.

Thank you for embracing this new way!

Tom Page

PS  I don't believe you'll find raising this bar to be too hard or taxing. We have people in every HPS school who are already doing this and willing to help you get started. Me too!  Please just email me: tpage@hollandpublicschools.org